beware dangerous disease, spreading like widfire.

beware dangerous disease spreading like wildfire

• recent studies have shown, that there are segments of the population that are at high risk of contracting Palin Derangement Syndrome.
there are common risk factors that contribute to the spread of this horrendous disease around the globe. patients usually present with the following;
1. poor critical thought processes
2. usually a deficiency in civility
3. an acute oral type diarrhea
4. ironically a seizure of the sphincter muscle often accompanies the above #3
4. 98% of patients have a severe congenital leg deformity causing the patient to lean to the extreme left
this condition is at epidemic levels and continues to affect nearly 30% of those exposed.

usually a patient will experience a sense of complete dissatisfaction, bordering on profound vitriolic resentment all over the body centering in the enlarged frontal lobe. there will be noticeable decrease in the corners of the mouth and substantial tightening of the extremities resulting often in to a clenching of the fists. the teeth will show in some a bit of rabidity and the patient might need sedation to control the symptoms.
the only treatment for this disease shown to have any effect is an intense program of rehabilitation and reeducation where the patient is taught to reuse the right side of the brain, where most higher functioning is is performed.

good luck and help us to stamp out this horrendous disease.