What I like about Romney....

This is not an easy post for me to write and actually one I had hoped to avoid. Any regular reader of Red State knows that I am vehemently anti-Obomney (Obama and Romney) primarily because I see so many similarities in the two. I will spare you the detailed reasoning for that statement as it is counterproductive to my purpose here. However with Rick Santorum leaving the race and my personal favorite (of whose left) Newt Gingrich having zero chance of winning. It is time to start to come to grips with the idea of a Romney nomination. So as a personal exercise I will list what I DO LIKE about Romney as perhaps a starting point for eventually being able to support his candidacy.

He has been married to his lovely wife Ann for 43 years. In our society this is no easy feat. Having been married myself for 14 years I can tell you this takes honesty, compromise, commitment and you truly have to love your spouse. He and Ann also have 5 happy, healthy and what appear to be very nice children. So the first on my list of what I like about Mitt Romney is dedicated and faithful family man. As a culture we definitely need more honorable fathers and husbands as role models.

He appears by all measures to be a patriot and a man who truly loves his country. Though he didn’t serve in the military I don’t think Mitt Romney will be doing any apology tours either. I also don’t think you will hear Mitt in public or private discussing undermining our national defense with our enemies. Or bad mouthing our staunchest allies to other world leaders, think Obama and his “open mic” comments about Israel’s prime minister. So second on my list Mitt is a proud patriot who would represent us faithfully on the world stage. Considering the last 4 years of representation we have had I think we can all look forward to having a president who actually likes Americans, America and our way of life again.

His tax returns reveal a man who is very generous in his charitable giving. I personally give to Wounded Warriors, The American Red Cross and The Salvation Army. What I can afford of course though not nearly on the same levels as Mitt. I think it is important to share with those of us who truly need our help. Third on my list Mitt Romney is compassionate and appears to generally care for those less fortunate (which in Mitt’s case is all of us).

As that is all I can honestly come up with for now and I have successfully avoided a drinking binge I will leave this as TO BE CONTINUED…… Perhaps… Maybe… Don’t hold me to anything 😉