Make Your Iowa Predictions Here--Win, Place, and Show

I appreciate the substantive discussions of Redstate, but there’s a little political junkie in all of us, and this post is to that end. With all the drama of Iowa and the ups and the downs of the polling, here is your chance to go “on the record” (as Greta would say) and show off just how politically astute you are.

You’ve followed the race for months now. You know your stuff. You know the polls. You know who has the momentum. You know who doesn’t. Make a comment saying who you think will finish 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. It’s time to take off our partisan hats and put on our neutral political analyst non-wishful-thinking caps. Let’s show the world how tuned in we are and how accurate we can be. I’ll start us off:

1st – Ron Paul

2nd – Rick Santorum

3rd – Mitt Romney

If you want to throw in what you’d ideally like to see the order be, you can add that to your comment. Just make sure you put your actual prediction first. Have fun and we’ll see ya back here Tuesday night!