Political Realities that are taboo to say


A few political realities we all know but yet we can’t say publicly…

1. Romneycare would have been much worse if he didn’t compromise. 90% Dem legislature would have overrode his veto.
2. Pat Toomey was running 4-6% behind Bush in PA, who lost the state by 3%. Pat Toomey wouldn’t have been elected if he was the nominee so people need to get off Santorum’s back.
3. No GOP candidate could have w…on four yrs ago. As much as people love to complain about McCain, he still the best anybody from our side could have done.
4. Primaries don’t reflect general election attitude. The total number of people who will vote in the GOP primaries will be, at most, a third of the total number of votes our nominee gets in the fall.
5. All four GOP candidates are vastly different than Obama & no swing voter thinks any of them are ‘too moderate’. General election voters are not driven by ideology the way primary voters are. Most of them are not too concerned about the hot button issues the wat activists in both parties are. People who are politically active tend to be around people who are as well, and that can create a bubble for many people.
6. Competitive primaries can damage your candidate just as much as it get sharpen them. No one will argue this primary has helped our candidates. I would say the same thing about the TX Governor race two yrs ago too. Perry might have gotten publicity from it, but he still did worse than McCain statewide in a great GOP year
7. Those manufacturing jobs that both of the parties talk about in the rust belt aren’t coming back. We live in a global economy and unless those states are truly serious about controlling costs-taking on union control of their industry, it won’t happen. Since the Rust Belt decides elections, we must pretend that things will turn around, when that won’t happen.
8. Blue collar voters aren’t the biggest issue. McCain won them by 18%. We are losing college educated professionals-particularly in non-southern suburbs, though there has been erosion in southern suburbs as well. In areas where the median age is getting younger, our party is doing worse. Just look at Dallas County if you want a TX example