The Constitution: From Our Cold Dead Hands

For Those With a Short Memory, We Didn’t Start the Fire.*

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Well now. The Democrats got their clocks cleaned in November. Voters took them to the woodshed and when the spankin was over, the Republicans once again owned the House and made significant gains in the Senate. Shell-shocked (they shouldn’t have been) Democrats said oh well, we’re ramming through everything possible during the lame duck session. And they did.

For Republicans, the 2010 lame duck session was more like the “limp Richard” session. The GOP leadership just couldn’t get their, uh, um, courage up for the holiday brawls. So, they got rolled into more spending and more big government because they couldn’t stand up to being targeted as the “party of no.” After winning a streetfight of an election on the shoulders of a reawakened and ready to rumble citizenry, the ruling elite Republican leadership immediately went back to their old playbook for the whole month of December. In so doing they let Obama back in the game.

When at last the new Congress was called to order, Speaker Boehner barely got the gavel from Nancy Pelosi when tragedy struck in Arizona. Mass shootings are shocking and always grab the American public by the heart. When a congresswoman is critically wounded and six innocents, including a federal judge are killed, there is no other news people care to hear. Congress closed for a week to show respect. The Republicans called for prayer. The Democrats and their friends went straight to “Blame Righty.”

With the country in limbo trying to understand what happened, the dejected and depraved far left seized upon the Tucson massacre as a way to thwart the momentum of the right. They have been seething against and lying about the tea party people for 2 years. Fresh off a massive political defeat, they know the name of that truck that hit them. They know the truck driver, too. The Democrats, the MSM media and the crazy left are going all out to shut up and shut down that which they fear will be their end. They are in full throat, using innuendo and the most provocative language to try to get the Indies to believe the Tea Party and Republicans are provoking violence. Yeah, the guilty dogs Dupniks are barking.

All this may be having an impact. I hear the Republicans are considering removing the language “job killing” from their bill to repeal Obamacare. Yep. You just cannot fix stupid.

Here’s the deal Speaker Boehner and minority leader McConnell. You too, Mr Priebus. We common folks are eye-balling you hard. If the hair isn’t standing up on the back of your neck, it should be. We are telling you: Don’t make nice! We didn’t hire you to give us more big government. We hired you to blow up Obamacare and to shoot-down Obama’s statist agenda that has been thrust upon us. We expect tough talk and a “go to the mattresses” effort. Anything less and we, the people, spank YOU in 2012.

Now, you big dogs, and the rest of the Republican caucus too, need think about that while you are playing patty-cake with the Democrat next to you during the State of the Union. You may think it a clever stunt, but while you pose for comity comedy before the cameras, the left is planning to finish us off. They will do anything and say anything to accomplish that.

What? Speak up, Mr. Speaker. You say you got it now? Great, go forth and slay the statist dragons. When circumstances work against you, don’t retreat, reload.** We expect you to govern as if you have a death-grip on the Constitution and no, that is not rhetorical.

*There is no equivalency between the vicious rhetoric of the left and the political metaphors of the right. The American left lost it’s mind and whatever soul it had in the early George W years. Who are the real hate mongers? They are of the left. They are here and here h/t Moe Lane.

**Dont retreat, reload, as in “don’t give up and try harder.” You knew that. Now, what does this lefty mean?