TSA Says "Security is Not Optional" . . . But Apparently the Constitution Is

Potentially, a government is the most dangerous threat to man’s rights: it holds a legal monopoly on the use of physical force against legally disarmed victims. -Ayn Rand

When President Obama said he wanted a civilian security force as well funded and supplied as our military, what was he talking about? It seems he was thinking about Big Sis and her department. With the TSA, walking point, the president’s wish is close to being fulfilled. Yeah, when the TSA says jump, you better darn well ask how high.

Obama’s civilian security force was at the top of its game during the holiday rush at Austin Bergstom International Airport:

If you can’t see the video go here.

Nice Christmas gift to a lady trying to visit her family. Is she a crank? I suppose that’s possible, but bottom line, she was arrested and dragged through the airport by police because she didn’t want a government agent to feel her breasts. It’s not like we haven’t seen other examples of the TSA abusing the traveling public, here, here and here.

What did the TSA say about this latest incident in Austin?

“Our officers are trained to treat all passengers with dignity and respect. Security is not optional.”

Security? What security? How many terrorists has the TSA caught? I think that would be zero. How many moms have been put though the wringer for trying to board with breast milk? Too many. How have we come to a point that our own government expects us to surrender our privacy and our constitutional rights? Listen to Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano defending the indefensible TSA methods again just this past Sunday:

Napolitano dismissed a recent news report about major airports failing secrets tests designed to get contraband such as guns and knives past security screeners. The report said some airports had a 70 percent failure rate.

“Many of them are very old and out of date and there were all kinds of methodology issues with them. Let’s set those aside,” she said on “State of the Union” on CNN. “We pick up more contraband with the new procedures and the new machinery.” (h/t Breitbart TV)

Here’s the Janet in Wonderland reality: The best security air passengers have is not the TSA but their fellow passengers who, time and again, have restrained on board terrorists before they could kill everybody on board. The TSA? Oh, they confiscate toothpaste and even occasionally seize a gun some business guy forgot to put in his checked luggage. Mostly what the TSA does is FAIL.

So what’s all this “TSA enhanced security” about? While they have demonstrated there is no form of humiliation too drastic to inflict on the majority of Americans, they just will not do the one thing that might really work. You know . . . profiling those most likely to be terrorists. Why not . . . and why does it seem many TSA agents would barely qualify for the night shift at Pizza Hut? Heh, just recruiting where there’s warm bodies and everybody makes mistakes.

Is our government using the perpetual threat of terrorist attack to condition the American people to accepting even the unconstitutional authority of the government? You’ve heard people interviewed after one of these TSA incidents. Inevitably the soundbite is: “Well, I don’t like it, but if it keeps me safe, I am OK with it.” Surrender like that is music to the ears of the insider, big government crowd. They are feeling so good about it, the ruling elite got themselves exempted from TSA security. Hey, groping is for the little people.

And for elderly amputees:

Look at those guilty eyes. Don’t you feel better knowing the the TSA gave this killer a good going over?

The government should have our safety top of mind. Instead the government seems most interested in forcing Americans to submit to their authority. Why? Clearly, the tea party folks scared the dickens out of the insiders. When the Kennedy seat fell from Democrat hands and Mike Lee beat Bennett in the Republican primary in Utah, alarm bells went off for both Democrats and insider Republicans. It definitely wasn’t safe for them any more. The tea party rabble needed a reminder about who holds the real power. Suddenly, government agents need to feel your privates. Weren’t you proud how our Republican Senate leaders rushed to condemn the TSA abuse? Yeah, me too.

At what point will the security sheep* have a problem? Will they strip and go willingly to the government “showers”? It’s not like it has never happened. It took only a little more than a decade of conditioning. Never again? Yeah, sounds crazy, but 10 years ago we would have thought it stupid-crazy our own government would ever want to grope us and our children too.
*RedState diarist, Ron Robinson