The Tax Deal: Republican Leadership Still In the Wilderness

Do these guys have the right stuff? Do they have any idea at all what drove the November election results?

They did it again. They went wobbly. The Republican leadership doesn’t believe in the message the voters sent just a mere 5 weeks ago. They just proved it by agreeing to more big spending and more nanny statism. One begets the other as history proves. It works the same way at the top of the Republican party.

Tea Party folks and conservatives just got poked in the eye. Again. Get used to it.

Modified Chicken Crap. . . that is what this tax deal between Obama and the ruling elite Republicans amounts to. Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker to be John Boehner agreed with Obama to extend unemployment insurance for another thirteen months. Folks, a couple can conceive, give birth and have a baby beginning to walk in that amount of time. Thirteen MORE months? I swear, are these guys Republicans or Social Democrats? Is America now France?

For this extension and some other expensive “stimulus”, the not so wise old men at the top of the Republican party were able to maintain the status quo on tax rates. The status quo was all they could get. Democrats were badly punished just five weeks ago at the polls. A disproportionate number of highly endangered Senate Democrats are up in 2012 and all the Republicans could get was the status quo.

Think about that and what was given up to get it. The unemployment benefits alone will cost over 50 billion. I am not sure what the 2% reduction in employment taxes costs but it’s got to be a huge hit. The people that are most likely to need and use their social security benefits will now have even less skin in the game. Without an adjustment to benefits or at least the age qualifier, well, maybe we can bust the system sooner and move straight into whatever is next. That could be a failed country, but whatever, nobody can touch FDR’s lame legacy.

I know a lot of folks are thinking, well, at least we have some certainty of what our tax liabilities will be. Two years isn’t a lot to plan on and it just happens to put this issue right back on the front burner, just in time for 2012. You say you think it is a sure loser for Obama? We don’t know what the political landscape will be then. We have seen Republicans time and again fumble away issues they should own. I remember thinking Clinton was toast in 1995 and then Gingrich lost his mind and then his nerve. All I know is if Dick Morris says this deal is a total capitulation by Obama, I’m really worried. Sorry Dick, but in the last decade, what have you gotten right?

Maybe this deal seemed like smart politics (for the moment) to the Republicans. Is that what Americans just voted for? More of the same? When will we draw the line on the insane spending? Must all states go the California way?

Republicans must find the courage to tell Americans out of work for two years that their old jobs are not coming back, not ever. I know it is hard and the truth can be mean, but in the truth is a chance for a new beginning. In the spirit of Truman, I offer the truth as I know it and it may seem like hell. No, hell is when the government has stolen your initiative and allegiance for a weekly check.

It’s time to go back to work America. It may be time to start fresh, maybe at less money in a new career. It may be time to move. Our forefathers moved across a whole continent. Surely we can move to another city or state if that is what it takes to find work. It might even be time to go on welfare, for a time, while the long climb back takes its course. Anything but sitting and waiting and drawing a government unemployment check. It’s bad for the soul to lay about and idle hands will make deals with personal demons.

It was courage and work ethic built this country. Lives can be rebuilt with the same right stuff. Wouldn’t you cheer if Republican leaders looked the American people in the eye and said we can not rebuild on the false promises and lies of the left and really meant it? When will they start to govern like they believe in capitalism and the Constitution?