What Gall: Clueless Claire McCaskill Appeals to the Tea Party & Admits Class Warfare

Good Grief. Just take a look at this sorry display and clearly the angry, clueless ruling class Democrats are doing the pouting. Senator McCaskill admits to class warfare . . . even brags about it. (H/T Gateway Pundit)

It will not fly, madame. What else do you have besides class warfare to try mute the real message of the election . . . and the crummy employment news? Wow, 9.8% employment. It’s enough to make every DEMONcrat want to get out of Dodge. I hear Afghanistan is lovely in December. OK, it’s not, but Bagram was good enough for Obama.

Oh Clueless Claire, we know what you wish you could do. You’d like to turn the clock back and pretend it is January 2009 again. High times for the likes of you but then we had this wave thingy. You remember. . . even if you pretend you don’t. The people were saying enough. Enough already! Stirred them up, you did. They even started reading about our founding history and the Constitution. What’s a super-progressive gal to do about that?

Did you hear them, Senator? Sure you did, but you said to heck with them and went back to the statist checklist. What was the first thing you and your friends did when when the lame ducks came back? You gave even more power to the federal government. Bad for the small farmer and passed with the endorsement from the bigs.

I’m still trying to figure out how higher food prices and damaging small farmers is good for the middle class you say you support. Forgive me if I am slow on the uptake. I never earned one of those fancy sheepskins, but I’ve hired enough people to know they’ll shrug if you micromanage them.

Senator, you just gave us a bigger government. Admit it. It felt so good didn’t it? You showed the rabble how the cow eats the cabbage. For good measure you told them how the cabbage will be grown. Shrug?

Claire, you are up in 2012 and voters of Missouri will remember this and this. Oh how you and your union pals pined for card check.

Then there’s the the clip below, too. The one where you say “I don’t know what else I can do?” Hey, clueless, you’ve done much more than much too much.

The truth is, Senator, you knew exactly what you would do. You were going to vote for every piece of Obama and Reid statism that came before you. And you did it with gusto, too. Well, choices and votes have consequences. The show me state just might show you how that works.

Face it, the people of Missouri are just not that into you and never have been. In 2006, a Democrat year, you barely edged out Jim Talent. You say your not worried? You should be. There is a line forming to take a shot at you. Yeah, you are a marked woman . . . marked for defeat. The only thing missing is a new Palin map with you in the crosshairs. Can you smell the tea?

Senator McCaskill, here is a suggestion for you: Just shrug.