Unapologetic Lamebrains and Why They Think They Can Get Away With It

Normally, when someone has been fired from a job, he or she is required to pack up all belongings and vacate the premises by the end of the day. That person is no longer accountable and may no longer act in the best interests of the employer.

On Election Day, the American people issued pink slips to dozens of members of Congress and sent a clear vote of no-confidence in the party that has been in power for the past two years. But, because the mass firings do not take effect until noon on Jan. 3, defeated and retiring members of Congress remain on the job with essentially no accountability to their constituents.

Dan Stein, Washington Times

Despite a shellacking at the polls, the Democrats have little remorse for the abuse they heaped upon Americans. Heck, they even kept the same starting quarterback . . . the one who said you have to throw the pass before you know who catches it. Why would they keep Pelosi in charge? Why?

Whatever, it seems Pelosi wants to throw up a few more ducks while the lames are in session. She and her counterpart over in the Senate have their dreams.

Before they can get to their prefered agenda items, there is the matter of a really sick economy and the Bush tax cuts that are set to expire. You know, the actual stimulus that saved us from 9-11 and brought the country to full employment . . . a fact that the Democrats deny to this day. But what are they going to do when four years of Democrat congressional control finds the country with a stated unemployment rate of 9.6%? They make stuff up, that’s what. No, really, Obama “created or saved” 3 million jobs. Can you believe he expects us to believe such a whopper? Why? Why does he?

The extension of the tax cuts has long been anticipated and is built into the markets already. Most pundits feel sure the lame duck congress is going to keep most or all of the Bush tax cuts. If we can get the whole package, they can call it manna from the Obamaessiah for all I care. If they do nothing, well, let’s not think like Glenn Beck. I don’t have room for a year’s worth of food.

There are so many hurdles out there ahead for the economy that I fear for the next several years. Old Ben Bernanke is begging for more stimulus on top of his QE2. But don’t you peasants pay any mind to that. Look over here —-> Hey America, Government Motors shines brightly as it emerges from bankruptcy. Yeah, don’t pay any attention to the price of gold and commodities and don’t worry about that 600 billion just dumped into the economy. It’s a good thing. Goldman Sachs said so. The Oracle isn’t so down with QE2, but old Warren loved the first stimulus as much as he loves his stacks.

The economy might be on a much better course if we had taken our medicine in ’09. As it is, all the wealth destruction and dislocation from the meltdown has not yet taken its full toll. Nobody can even guess, especially the fools at this link, how much Fannie and Freddie will cost. Worst of all, we’ve sent very bad populist messages in the name of fairness.

I was listening to RedState’s Erick Erickson on the radio a few weeks ago. He was talking to some whining lib and he said, “Hold on. I’m looking . . . I’m looking and no . . . I don’t see it in there. The word “fair” is no where in the Constitution.”

That is a powerful and meaningful observation. Ignoring and abusing the Constitution has led us where we are today. The government has usurped the churches and private charity. The results have been disastrous and of course the worst of it has fallen on the low-born. Plantation government doesn’t allow runaway low-borns and its only crop is the next generation of dependents.

Now, today, the effects of an overbearing and overly “helpful” government are moving upstream. The Feds are no longer happy to have their hands in your wallet, they want to grab the family jewels, as well. They say it’s the only fair way to keep us safe. Profiling wouldn’t be fair. There’s that word again.

How did these statists become some bold? They are right up in our faces and everywhere else. They say we give up our rights when we buy an airline ticket. –We_give_up_our_rights.– At about this moment, you are saying to yourself BS, but if you really think about it, that’s the way THEY think about it, because we let them.

Why wouldn’t the government try to run over us since we have willingly given up our rights for so many little crusts of government bread? After all, who is against yet one more extension for the unemployed? We must be fair . . . but the fair line is on the left. Troublesome, huh? I refer you to Walt Kelly.