The Borking of Joe Miller is the Shame of Lady Lisa's Alaska

When I first found my way to RedState, now nearly a year ago, the first diary I read was by Art Chance. The man can write. His overarching message was about the use of power and how to use it aggressively, even ruthlessly. Take no prisoners. So said the aging eagle. Fascinating and written from an insider’s point of view as the Labor Relations Director for former Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski .

It is now crystal clear that the Republican incumbent senator from Alaska, Lisa Murkowski, plays down and dirty, in spades. When Murkowski found herself against challenger Joe Miller’s resume, the better angels of her nature, if she has any, went to the dark side. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, when she’s up against a conservative father of eight, graduate of Yale Law, a Westpointer and decorated war veteran.

After Miller slipped by the Murkowski machine in the primary, Lady Lisa was livid. It was time to triple down on the character assasination of Joe Miller. She is a scorpion and scorpions must sting.

There are scorpions with an entitlement mentality and there is Lisa, a woman given everything but the ability to smile. She’s not much on humble pie, either. It’s for the little people, doncha know. For Lisa it is power lunches and footsy with Leader McConnell. When Mitch isn’t looking, maybe a big wink for Big John. Lisa isn’t loose. She’s cunning and calculating.

Oh, how Lisa schemed and schemed. She wanted another shot in the general election and if that meant becoming a Libertarian, fine. When that didn’t work out, she declared she was still in the game and after a few days she chose to run as a write-in candidate. Well, we all know now that “Write-in” wound up with more votes than Miller on Nov 2nd. We don’t know for sure who has won. We will not know until the write- ins are validated and the absentee votes are all counted. Conventional wisdom is that Lisa Murkowski will prevail. Me, well, I’m praying justice will prevail. Lisa may be praying too, but she’s hedged her bets with the hiring of Ben Ginsberg. Yep, the famous Ginsberg who helped Bush protect his victory over Gore.

How did this come to be? How does Lisa Murkowski sit on the verge of a stunning write-in victory? She and all the porky teat-suckers went into the gutter and did their level best to destroy Joe Miller. Politics aint beanbag? The politics of personal destruction found a whole new meaning on the northern tundra. Look:

Oh yeah, that little Mudflats blog (click at your own risk). It’s written by a real lefty with a big hate for Sarah Palin and now she’s a big hater on Joe Miller. She snooped around and found that a Joe Miller in Alaska had received $14,000 in farm subsidies from Alaska. Joe emphatically denied it, and well, there are a number of Joe Millers in Alaska, but who needs to be sure? So out it went to the world where it was picked up by Huffington and then repeated as “fact” across Alaska, and beyond.

The diggers dug deeper and with a FOI found real proof that Joe had received $7,000 in farm subsidies on some small acreage he owned in Kansas. The horror! The man did what virtually every little crop producer in Kansas does. The fact that it was 7k over a seven year period starting two decades ago didn’t matter a whit. The Murkowski machine and its allies (those for anybody but Joe Miller) screamed they had the goods on the the small government, tea party candidate. They said Joe Miller is a fraud and a hypocrite and the good Lord knows in these days there is nothing worse than being called a hypocrite. It is just so very comforting to the serious sinners who enjoy their sins so much.

Evil Joe Miller. Evil. Really? If you repeat rumors, lies and unsourced stories over and over, they become true. Joe Goebels said so. Dammit, I hate Nazi tactics.

Man oh man, has there been some deep background opposition research, or what? Going back almost twenty years? It takes a lot of money, but money and Murkowski are pretty much the same thing. It also takes a certain type of politician to get down that low and dirty. No sweat! Lisa is made of stone cold. Nothing will be allowed to stand in the way of Daddy’s gift. When she was beaten fair and square in the primary, she called in all her favors and then the dirt rained down on Miller. She even said she was doing it for Alaska. Will that sell in the frozen north? Maybe.

Apparently any old dirt will sell in Alaska. Did you hear that Miller’s 8 children were once on a state sponsored health care subsidy? Did you know he was once disciplined for unauthorized use of state owned computers? Oh, and my personal favorite . . . did you know Miller is so paranoid he has security cameras installed in his personal residence? Plainly, Miller is off his rocker. He has to be. . . because it benefits the machine and the crowd that lives off the machine.

Hey, crazy Joe, you don’t really really believe that the Anchorage CBS affiliate was conspiring against you, do you? Come on, do you really think they wanted to find a child molestor among your supporters? What are you going to believe, KTVA management’s ridiculous excuses or your own ears? I mean it was a butt dial, right? Except it wasn’t . . . and now the two “reporters” involved are no longer with the station. Gone like greased lightning they are and the Alaska media aint exactly in hot pursuit of them or anything close to the truth.

As iff the above isn’t enough dirt to gag a maggot, consider the Tony Hopfinger affair. Alaska Dispatch editor Tony Hopfinger tried to force a confrontation at a Miller event and winds up in cuffs, detained for police. The press went wild, but if Miller security was out of line, where are the charges?

No matter, the national lamestream, and even a few so-called conservative pundits scorched Miller over this incident, but they have shown no interest in checking the history of Hopfinger or the Alaska Dispatch. Who publishes and owns the Alaska Dispatch? It’s married well billionaire Alice Rogoff Rubenstein, formerly of the Carter Administration, Washington Post and current trustee of the Carter Center in Atlanta. She stepped in to save the struggling online news site enabling Hopfinger to continue his fierce pursuit of Palin and now Miller. Thanks to Alice, Tony has a real desk from which to work make stuff up. Oh yeah, Alice from wonderland is a max contributor to Murkowski.

As we wait for the process to run its course, it seems Joe Miller gained 900 votes in the first day of counting absentees. And then comes this.

At this point, you may be asking yourself why any of this matters since whomever wins will caucus with Republicans? It matters a lot, for reasons that matter most: big things like liberty, Constitutional governance and fiscal responsibility, any of which are more important than just adding another Republican vote to the Senate.

Alaska should be ashamed. Lisa should be shunned. But don’t hold your breath. Alaska runs on pork and Alaska intends to continue to pick the pocket of the lower 48 states. Oink, oink! It’s the language of mutual agreement between the M & M’s, Murkowski and McConnell.