Joe Miller Claims CBS Affiliate Conspired Against Him. Palin Agrees: Corrupt Bastards!

We conservatives know it. The MSM is in the tank for Democrats or anyone else who can stop tea party candidates. Now comes AK Republican candidate, Joe Miller claiming the CBS affiliate in Anchorage placed a call to his campaign that was picked up by voice mail. The caller forgot to disconnect and the following conversation was recorded and has been released:

H/T Breitbart

While the tape has not been independently verified there is this:
FOX News

KTVA so far has not responded to a request for comment by Fox News and FoxNews.com. Fox News also has not yet confirmed the authenticity of the tape.

The campaign said the voicemail was authenticated by KTVA when the assignment editor sent a text message to Miller spokesman Randy DeSoto saying, “Damn iPhone … I left you a long message. I thought I hung up. Sorry.”

Sarah Palin appeared on Fox News this morning. She said the media was doing to Miller what it does to her.

Palin never holds back. She has come out tough in defense of Miller. I guess the rumors the media and lefty bloggers have been spreading about disputes between Miller and the Palins have been exaggerated fabricated. Nah, I won’t link to that. Enough already. It is the whole MSM, the Ruling Class and the left against Joe Miller.

Hey, this just in this morning from crapweasel Cornyn at the NRSC. Do you believe this guy? Satisfied to settle for Murkowski? BS, they are praying for the princess.

There will be retribution, Senator Cornyn. Go Joe.
RedState Diarist Mary Beth has been on this.