In the Shadow of Obama Statism, Texas Still Shines

Across this great country, there is economic pain and uncertainty. In some states, unemployment is at staggering levels. Government has grown ever larger, but so have the country’s problems. That’s no coincidence and you, like Ronald Reagan in his time, know what the problem is.

There is a state that has a more limited view of the role of government. It’s a state where even in this sour economy, jobs are produced. Why does Texas work? Let me count SOME of the reasons:

1. No personal income tax.
2. Right to work state.
3. Governor Rick Perry.
4. Business friendly attitude.
5. Dynamic citizens with a can-do attitude.
6. Limited government -The Texas legislature is in session every other year and then just for a few months.

And then there is this: There is not a single Democrat . . . not even one, elected to a state wide office.

Texas is about to re-elect Governor Rick Perry. Even the Houston Chronicle grudgingly agrees. Perry will again have nothing but Republicans joining him in the state-wide offices. This all fills me with confidence that Texas will thrive even as Obama casts the long shadow of statism across America for two more years.

Come on blue states. What’s it going to be? The Chicago way or jobs? Union corruption or jobs? Food stamps or jobs?

You have the example. Fire the Democrats and replace them with conservative Republicans. If you can, find a leader like Rick Perry. Freedom and prosperity will follow.