Chicago "Media" Protects Son of the Devil's Spawn

Rahm Emanuel is a creature of the Chicago machine. He has a rep as a little tough guy with a foul mouth. He’s a BAD man, in the Ali sense. He floats like a butterfly ballerina; stings like a bee. Rahmbo will even go after you while you are naked in the shower.

Rahm Emanuel, former Obama COS is so bad he can get away with bailing on his Democrat buddies and Obama just weeks ahead of a critical mid-term election. Heh, don’t mess with Rahm. To hell with them fellers seemed to be his attitude. I’m bailin’. The guy has to know where all the bodies are buried to get away with so much bad behavior.

Conveniently, the Mayoral job in hometown Chicago is available and Rahm wants it. Never mind questions about residency requirements or the tardiness of his decision. This is Chicago and all that will get smoothed over. But even in Chicago, it takes some nerve to say it is not about actually living there but “intent.” Huh? Really? Well, obviously you have to be from Chicago to get it and I’m not. Maybe somebody from that neck of the woods can splain it to me.

So any way, Rahm decides to get a little public facetime with his MSM pals. Enter William Kelly, a pushy blogger type with his own microphone, camera and decidedly unfriendly questions. Pesky feller. Not at all like the Chicago MSM who seem to exist to enable machine politics.

Just watch as the dinosaur media closes ranks around their friend, Rahm. One even threatens physical violence. These are the some of the same guys who protected another friend who just happened to become the Messia POTUS.

Was Kelly aggressive? Yes. But how else can anyone ever break through the media wall that winks at the Chicago way? Dana Loesch explains. If only there had been more aggressive reporting on the real Obama back in ’08.

Did the Chicago Capone types ever go away? Nah, like the Kennedys, they found a better gig. They became Democrats. Is it that much different anywhere in big city America? If they are nearly untouchable (oh my) in Chicago, they ARE vulnerable in much of flyover country and even certain blue cities. So, go punish THEM. For now, throwing his Democrat pals out is about the only hurt we can put on a punk like Rahm. Then we’ll see what bubbles up when Republicans are seated in their majority chairs.