Give Me That D**n Gavel!

One Last Look at Florida 22, Patriot Allen West vs Ron Klein.

Allen West gets it. He is simpatico with the Tea Party spirit. This one really matters. If you are in FL 22, please vote for Allen West and end the career of Pelosi enabler, Ron Klein. If you are not in the district, support Allen West and kick him a few bucks if you can. He needs a hand because this race appears to be tight.

We outsiders, we Constitutionalists are on the verge of a house-cleaning. That’s right. We are going to be taking out the statist trash and millions of independent voters will be with us on November 2nd. We can’t miss the opportunity to send them and all of America, including the twits in the MSM, unrefutable proof that our uprising is COLOR BLIND. It’s our chance to tell the racebaiters to hush-up and this matters if Republicans want to be more competitive in minority districts. Listen to this nonsense. Hard to believe what’s in some people’s heads. West has a message for them and Nancy Pelosi:

Give me that damn gavel!

Send West to Congress and you’ll be sending a man who knows what it is to lay it all on the line. Send him to Congress and he’ll be a man who won’t be co-opted by the insiders and will not be afraid to challenge the leadership of Boehner or any other “Leader” who imagines himself a Lord.

More on West here. also, from RedStater Eric Brockway. Donate here.