Rick Perry Zeroes In On Another Varmint

Texas Governor Rick Perry kicks off NASCAR weekend last April in Ft Worth

Take a look at the picture above. How many governors in this great country would be comfortable with a photo op like that? Right. Not many. In Texas, Perry popping off a few blank rounds in downtown Ft Worth scarcely bothers anyone except for the fuzzy-cheeked Marxists at U.T. and what’s left of the soccer moms. Speaking of soccer moms, the poor dears gotta be lonely since all their sisters saw the light and ran off to run the tea party movement.

Rick Perry rides his own trail and you either like him or you don’t. There’s a lot more to like than not like. Take that for what it’s worth since it comes from a native Texan. Friends not from Texas sometimes mention there is an attitude Texans hold that rubs them wrong. I get that . . . but a little attitude combined with a philosophy of self dependence and living free has a lot to do with the fact that Texas has created more jobs this year than all the other large states combined.

Governor Perry is running for re-election against MoveOn.org former Houston Mayor, Bill White. The Democrats and their front groups have poured many millions of dollars into attempting to defeat Perry. Polls were close through the spring and summer, encouraging Democrats to think they might take out one of their most hated foes. Despite all those millions and the best efforts of the Texas major newspapers to attack Perry, he will win. Perry will win because he is pretty much the opposite of Obama and White. He will win because it is a Republican year and Perry has captured the tea party spirit. He will win because Texas is doing better economically than the other states in the country.

After holding his fire for a while, Perry has stepped up his message against White. It is having an effect. In the last Rasmussen polling Perry broke 50%, leading White 53-42. Don’t turn out the lights yet, but the party is definitely winding down.

Sorry Mr White, your out of state pals and the DGA can’t carry your carcass. You had about as much chance as the coyote Perry shot while on his evening jog. It’s just the way most Texans feel about varmints, including those with 2 legs.

Perry beating White is bad news for Democrats and Obama, today and in the future. They really needed to take Perry and Texas down at the same time. When Texas stands as such a glaring example against Obama’s big government statism, it is hard to sell more statism. Thank God for all Americans who live the Texas state of mind, wherever you may be, because living free isn’t about place. It is about what you have in your head and heart.