Full Scale Rebellion: My 11 Candidates For #1013bomb

Wednesday evening, 10-13, starting about 8 PM Eastern time, there will be a money-bomb event on Twitter. Brian Faughnan laid it out on the front page. This seems like a good idea that is sure to garner a lot of attention. Wouldn’t it be just too bad if it further demoralized the Democrats? Pretty sweet, I’d say.

What better way to join in with the spirit demonstrated by Mark Levin on his Monday radio program when he said, “We’re in full scale rebellion and we are going to crush these bastards…whether they like it or not!”

I have a list of 11 that I think deserve support. There are so many great conservative Repuplican cnadidates and you probably have your own. Most of them have come under brutal person personal attacks because, well, that’s all the donks have . . . except for a lot more money than they need to buy their dirty ads.

And so . . .

To help your conservative Republicans candidates get out their message, it is important to throw them some money ensure they have a real chance to turn the tide against the statist Obama agenda. Announcing it publicly makes it all the more powerful. I hope the twitter stream is full of #1013bomb announcements.

Joe Miller, AK Senate

Ken Buck, CO Senate
Mike Lee, UT Senate
Christine O’Donnell, DE Senate
Allen West, FL 22
Daniel Webster, FL 8
Francisco Canseco, TX 23
Eddie Zamora, TX 15
Dr Donna Campbell, TX 25
Sean Bielat, MA 4
Pastor Stephen Broden, TX 30

A lot of these candidates are going to win. If I could only have two of these, my choices would be Joe Miller and Allen West.

If you are on Twitter and can rob your piggy bank, join us in helping deserving candidates and sending a message that DOOM is at hand for Democrats.