Fast and Loose With a Month to Go. The Dallas Morning News Goes after Rick Perry.

It’s Rick Perry-R vs former Houston Mayor, Bill White-D (right)

One month out from the a midterm election that could very well reverse the dramatic legislative shift to the far left under Obama, we have seen a bogus employment/immigration issue tossed at Meg Whitman, the Republican candidate for Governor in California. Now, The Dallas Morning News has charged inferred Rick Perry is favoring his supporters with cash from a fund set up in 2005 by the Texas Legislature to bring business and jobs to Texas.

An investigation by The Dallas Morning News found that more than $16 million from the Emerging Technology Fund has been awarded to companies with investors or officers who are large campaign donors to Perry.

The governor denied that politics influence his decisions on tech fund awards.

The fund gives taxpayers’ dollars to promising high-tech startups. It is a key part of Perry’s economic development program, which he has touted in his re-election campaign against Democrat Bill White.

The governor’s office administers the tech fund, and the governor must approve each award – a system that most other states with tech funds avoid to guard against political influence.

Go here for the full story from the Dallas Morning News and here for a graph of donations.

It is easy to question the wisdom of setting up a fund that allows the Governor, with advice from a 17 member panel the Governor picks, to choose who receives grants . Government shouldn’t be in the business of picking winners, but the legislators of Texas decided to do this.

All we know now is an investigative reporter has found that some Perry contributors got money from the fund for businesses they are associated with. It is a handful of people that we know about so far. So what, I say. It’s Texas. Texas is a red state. Many of the heavy hitters in Texas donate to Perry. The Morning News seems to find this shocking. Where’s the common sense? Stifled by an agenda?

I am most anxious to hear from the favorite Senator of the Morning News, Kay Bailey Hutchison, on this matter. I’m just sayin . . . and I am sure she and her North Dallas harpies are in high dungeon. They just don’t like cowboys. They like RINOs or anyone but Perry. They just can’t deal with the fact Governor Perry spanked Kaye Bailey like a red-headed step child in the March Republican primary. The Senator barely hides her hate distaste for Perry. But I digress.

The Democrats will do anything to take down Perry and Texas. They are likewise as desperate to see the ancient Moonbeam once again rise over California. Consider: In the space of four days the Republican candidates for Governor in the two largest electoral states are attacked over ethical issues. Coincidence? Hard to believe? See Ayn Rand:

The hardest thing to explain is the glaringly evident which everybody had decided not to see.

The Democrat Governor’s Association has spent millions on the White campaign. They are set to start an October push with a new schedule of anti-Perry television ads. The race shows some tightening recently with Rasmussen showing it 48-42 for Perry. A group of large Texas papers just released a poll showing Perry +7. Democrats think they are in striking distance to win this race and money is pouring into it.

The nature of the Morning News report and the timing smell to high heavens. Reportedly, 8 donors out of 120 funding recipients made a donation to Perry. Think about that for a moment. . .8 out of 120 in RedState Texas. This is the type of reporting that led me after 25 years of starting every day with the Morning News to drop my subscription.

I see AP has now picked up the story. Other television network affiliates in Texas are beginning to report the story on their web sites. Perhaps more incriminating information will be forthcoming. It’s not clear how big this story might be but I know there are people hoping it is very big. This story may just go away on its own because the facts pointing to anything unethical are so thin, but can there be any doubt Democrats and their MSM friends intend to throw everything they have against the Republicans? We can only wait to see what bubbles up next. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, I await to see who the Dallas Morning News endorses in the Governor’s race. Will they support the Perry, who has led Texas to be #1 in job creation in 2010? Or will they follow the lead of the Austin American-Statesman which just endorsed Bill White in their Saturday edition?

Rick Perry has made it clear he doesn’t care what the major Texas newspapers think of him. ALL of them endorsed Hutchison in the March primary. Get the picture?