Obama Health Care Reform Reality Hitting Home. Of Course Obama Lied.

The Democrats played games with the the American people and the Constitution for over a year. Finally, near the end of March this year, they dragged the carcass of health care reform across the finish line. Oh, happy days for them or so they thought.

You remember the signing. With an arrogant “we’re done”, Obama signed HCR into law:

Yep, we’re done all right. And what was it Joe Biden said? It sure was Joe. In more ways than your pea brain can fathom.

From what I’ve written here in the past, many of you know I’ve been a small business guy for a long time. So, I know a thing or three about how supply and demand impact how much something will cost. Not even a starry eyed messiah like Obama can overturn a true law. How could it be that we could add tens of millions of people into the health care system without costs being much greater and/or services reduced? It could not be.

So, it was not surprising to me that after the bill was signed, we began to hear about how the cost of it had been underestimated (in other words the donks lied about it). We began to see evidence that care would be rationed: Sorry, maybe you are just not worth that 8k a month for the latest cancer drug. Please just hurry up and die. The vile Democrat Alan Grayson* was almost right. . . he just got the political party wrong. And sweet Sarah had it right all along. Common sense whups an abulance chaser like Grayson, any day.

Bad policy has bad consequences and I received a little personal proof today. Most health care policies come up for renewal in the last quarter. I had been hearing from fellow business folks about increases averaging around 30%. Today, we got our quote on our Blue Cross group plan that covers about 50 of our 74 employees. It came in at a 27.8% increase. So, we go to $1300 for family coverage with a high deductible. This is a terrible blow to our little company and remember, this is going on all over the country. Can you say bad for job creators? G-d help the small business sector. G-d help those out of work.

There is a way out of this. On November 2nd, destroy the Democrats for their abuse of the Constitution and their disdain for the will of the people. Then, pressure the new Congress to repeal health care reform and extend the Bush tax cuts. Or, don’t . . . we can probably “absorb” long term double digit unemployment . . . you know, the way we can absorb another terrorist attack. With great pain.


*Central Florida: Please refudiate 😉 Alan Grayson and vote for Daniel Webster.