Welcome to the Jungle. Desperate Democrats Go "All In" to Stop Lt. Colonel Allen West in FL22

The Democrats have abused the American people. They know it. They are desperate. You knew it could come to this and now in Florida, Democrat Ron Klein has gone into the gutter against Allen West.

Lt. Colonel Allen West is a military hero and a patriot. When he was in the military he was famously quoted as saying, “When it comes to my men, I would go through hell with a gasoline can.”

West is a man of tea party roots who is made of the right stuff. We discovered it over a year ago. West wants to serve the country as the Congressman from Forida’s 22nd district. He’s taken his message to the Floridians of that district and they have responded. An internal poll just released shows West is ahead of Klein 48-42. Judging by the panic of the Ron Klein supporters one can assume that West is indeed surging.

So the Democrats are throwing everything at West and are promising to double down. Just recently the state Democrat party went after West for a 2005 lien that West has paid. A lot of people (especially military) for a lot of different reasons get cross-ways with the IRS. The fact is the West lien is old news. Maybe it is fair game during a campaign. But Democrats put out a copy of the lien (I wonder how they got that??) with his social security number plainly visible. That’s right folks. Sixty thousand people now have Allen West’s social security number.

If this isn’t enough, now comes impeached federal judge Alcee Hastings telling Politico that he and the ethically challenged Congressional Black Caucus will come to FL22 to make sure West doesn’t make inroads with black voters. Hastings bounced back from his impeachment to win a Florida house seat and has held it for seven terms. Klein should be so proud. How lucky he is to have the support of a man who told the world the House makes the rules up “as we go along.”

Ron Klein is skunk. His campaign tactics stink. He has voted with Pelosi 98% of the time. His buddy, President Obama, is coming to Florida on October 11th to help Klein. Democrats are “all in” against Allen West because he is a conservative black man with a compelling story. His story doesn’t fit the Democrat meme and for that reason Democrats will do almost anything to beat him.

Republicans and conservatives can not let West down. This is an awesome Republican black candidate (yeah, it matters) who must be elected. Breitbart’s Big Journalism and shark-tank.net are on the case. Smart Girls know and support Allen West. Now . . . Now is the time for South Florida Republicans to put some boots on the ground for West.

A candidate like this deserves a chance to lead:

RedStaters and all Constitutional patriots: Ride to the sound of the guns! Allen West is leading a conservative uprising in South Florida. Help him. Go here.