Forget? That'll Be the Day!

It was like any other morning, at first. I was headed to my office, but first I wanted to check the markets on CNBC. They switched from their normal coverage just before nine AM and went to a live shot in New York. A horrible scene it was and it incredibly got worse less than 15 minutes later when a second airliner plowed into the other WTC building . . . and I was watching it live. Before anyone could grasp what was actually happening, another high-jacked plane crashed in a Pennsylvania field and yet another hit the Pentagon.

I sat hypnotized as I took it all in. How could this be? I was shocked by the blatant attack on American soil in broad daylight with millions watching on television. The World Trade Center buildings fell down as I was watching and all I could do was cry out, “All those people!” Then I got mad and I have stayed that way for nine long years. I don’t much care about the feelings of the followers of Islam. I can’t find much evidence of their charity towards Christians. Too many of them, many millions in fact, seem to be looking for a reason to be angry and radical. I am not determined to do all of them harm or burn their precious book, but I don’t have a lot of good will for them or their religion, either. Sorry, I have to tell the truth.

As each 9-11 anniversary of the brutal attack comes around, we are constantly reminded to honor the dead and remember what happened. Are you kidding me? Forget the murdered 3000? Forget the incredible bravery and sacrifice of the NYPD and NYFD? Forget the massive devastation of our financial markets? Forget my nephew who rushed to become an Army Ranger and recently returned from his 12th deployment? Forget all the troops who died and suffered trying to snuff out radical Islamic terrorists?

I’ve got a message of remembrance and resistance to all the Imams who insist their’s is a religion of peace, even as a symbol of Islamic conquest is promoted for Ground Zero. Forgive and forget? No, not until Islam redeems itself and rises above its intolerance. Since the odds of that are about as good as the Ground Zero Mosque cheerleader, Imam Rauf APOLOGIZING for his blame America attitude, there can be no forgiving and I will never forget.

As the Duke once said, “That’ll be the day.” Is that clear enough for all you Cordoba promoters and all you jihadists dreaming of virgins and killing Americans?