Bill White: This is Texas. Man-up for Gosh Sakes!

Houston’s Bill White. He want’s Governor Rick Perry’s job.

Bill White wants to run Texas. So does the DNC and Move On. I’d guess Soros is interested but he is as slippery as he is slimy. Anyway . . . money is pouring into the White campaign in an effort to beat Perry and thus end the embarrassment that the success and productivity of Texas represents under Rick Perry. Yep, Perry is a mesquite thorn in the thumb of Barak Delano Obama. Texas is suing Bama’s EPA and suing to overturn health care reform. Texas is adding jobs and all those blue states Obama loves and the Democrats control . . . they are losing jobs and the citizens who can are gone to Texas or other sunny climes with Republican governance. So, something must be done.

Enter Bill White, Mayor of Houston, but he has issues. As you can see from the picture above, he is not exactly Mr. Photogenic nor is he Mr. Dynamic. He is, however, like every Democrat, a tax and spender. He’s an Obama man too, although he ran and hid when Obama swooped into Texas to pick up some cash two weeks ago. Truth is Bill White has a man crush on Obama:

Recently, Perry and White have gotten into a little dust-up over scheduling a debate. Perry is leading and so he is in no hurry to mix it up. He wants White to release his personal tax returns but for some reason, White hasn’t done it. Perry, being a born horsetrader and nobody’s dang fool has said “no tax returns, no debate”. How is White handling this? As the RGA shows, poorly:

For all the Jim Bobs in Jacksboro and everywhere west of the Sabine, the above clip says one thing: That feller needs to man-up. Yes, of course White will get some union votes in the Houston area and inner city areas but as a man who will not swear off tax increases, he’s done already. Let’s keep it between us though. Who cares if the Democrats pour 30 million down a dry hole in Texas?