A Government Outside its Legitimate Functions

Look at them yukking it up as they walk over over the Constitution and the will of the American people. Keep this image in your mind until we fire Nancy on Nov 2nd


The federal government has been abusing the American citizenry for years. For the last 18 months or so the overstep has been a statist wilding, an extreme usurpation of our rights and those issues best left to the states. There is not even a pretense any longer that the elected should be accountable to the Constitution or natural law. We now live in the land of an imperial executive and a Democrat Congress that knows they know better than, well, anyone. Truly, and in their own words, the Democrat Socialists “make it up as they go along.” They have to pass their bills so we all can find out what is in them.

I am old enough to remember another day and time when the preacher, Jimmy Carter was determined to remake the United States. Carter screwed the pooch too, just like Barak Hoover Obama. The dimes worth of difference between the two is that Obama is worse, and more dangerous. The color of his skin makes him harder to hold accountable but thankfully, that card has been played so often it is about played-out.

Thirty years have passed since the Carter disaster. Millions of our children and grandchildren have been dumbed down by Carter’s worthless Department of Indoctrination Education. Many of them don’t know a lick of American history. For goodness sakes too many of our public teachers don’t know American history. We need to take it upon ourselves to pass on our history and American virtues by our own words and deeds. Then we need to take it upon ourselves to defund the Department of Education. That’s right! End it; don’t mend it. Send all those affirmative action hires out to look for a real job.

We had a hero that rode to America’s rescue to clean up after Carter. Ronald Reagan had a message not just for his time but a message of freedom and individualism for all times. Never mind what faux conservatives like Peggy Noonan may say about Reagan ideals no longer being relevant. They are all the more precious when the jack-boot of statism is on our necks. Americans are born free and most want to stay that way.

That doesn’t mean we haven’t lost our way for a long time now. We have. We became too busy with making money, gathering our toys and cocooning. We were too distracted to face-down the evil that was incrementally stealing our freedom. We have gone down the road of statism a long way. But we can make a U-turn. We have before.

You have no doubt heard President Obama going on and on and on about the Republicans wanting the keys to the car again. He says they can’t have the keys back because Republicans put the country in the ditch. Well, you and I know the keys belong to the American people and the American people are competent to drive without an overbearing government telling them when and where to go. Reagan knew and understood this:

There is good news friends. The frog has jumped out of the pot and just in time, before the country was cooked. Charlie Cook has declared Republicans will take the House in the fall. Like I said, great news, but we’ll know it’s for real only after the votes are counted. Let’s just hope not too many Democrats rise from the dead on November 2nd. Doesn’t it seem all Donks are buried with a voter registration card that never expires?

Even with no Reagan figure on the horizon, millions of Americans have been awakened and fearing the loss of their country, they are reading about the founders. They are brewing strong tea and reading the Constitution. It’s a messy affair at times, but why should we expect it to be perfect? Take heart that there’s a wave out there. It’s growing and it is going to swamp the Democrats in November.

For any Dems who might be peeking in, let me put it in terms you can understand. Think of the wave as Republican stimulus that is going to save and create a lot of new Republican seats in the House and Senate. Got it? Good.

The wave will set us free again. This time, we can not take anything for granted. It will be our job to remind our children, our friends, our neighbors and the congresscritters what it means to be an American. Our job will be no less than to change the culture . We can not fall asleep again because folks _this_ is our moment. We must return our government to its legitimate functions. NOW.

Be at the ready too, because we freedom loving Americans will have to clean up after the wave. There is sure to be a lot of fussing and fighting when the Democrats go down. They will not go quietly. And so . . . Be courageous. Be true. Be exceptional. These are American virtues.

P.S: Let us not forget while there is a lot of trash to take out this November, we really need to mark our calendars for November 6, 2012. That’s trash day at the White House.

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