Well, Obama, Are You Gonna Pull Those Pistols or Whistle Dixie?

Notice the top of his boot: Gonzales cannon with: “Come and Take It”

Monday, Texas Governor Rick Perry will meet briefly with President Obama in Austin

Oh, no-no-no, Mr. Rick Perry. Do you really think you can beat me and the whole federal government? It can’t be done. My big government agencies are trained on you already. We will ride you down and run all over Texas. We will freeze your purse and starve you out.

Well, Mr. President, we got something down here called the Texas line in the sand. I’m drawing the line now, against all odds, just like Travis did in ’36. That’d be 1836, the year of our triumph over another pretender who to came to ride down Texas.

We honor our history and our heroes in Texas. We know what it is to be an underdog. We enjoy a good fight and all the more when we know we are right. The memory of Gonzales lives within us and we still say, “come and take it.” If you can.

Now, you trot on back to your handlers. Tell them we won’t be told in Texas. You will not shutter our industries. You won’t control us over the air we breathe. We’ll run our own budget and our schools, with or without your leave.

You have singled us out and threatened us. In so doing, you have called down the thunder from the millions of conservative Texans and you know it; we are game roosters. You have trifled with a people whose forefathers came from the back-alleys and every low place, seeking escape from being told and being caught. We prefer to be left alone but you will not leave us alone.

You’ve come for us to destroy our “Gone to Texas” culture. Alright then, it is our honor and our legacy against your thin skinned ignorance. What are the odds? So bring it, that there may be an end to it.

Texas will beat you in the courts and beat you at the ballot box. We will not comply with your demands that we give over to the federal government that not enumerated in the Constitution. We don’t care what you and your friends think in Washington DC, or New York or Brussels. We are neither serfs nor vassals to city-states thousands of miles away.

We refudiate your statism and your handlers. And you know what refudiate means as well as you know our northern sister’s penchant for calling you out. Seems “Gone to Texas” and “North to Alaska” are much the same.

There’s a lot of barbed wire between DC and Dallas. It’s a very long way; a leap of a thousand cultural light years. That’s right you arrogant, mocking poser. Texas spits on your agenda. We spit on your czars. We spit on your unnatural law.

What are you going to do about it Mr. President? If you were smart, you’d whistle Dixie but I’m betting you will sing a different tune. It’s not because you have cajones but because you think you are chosen. So pull those pistols if you dare, but when you do El Deguello is for you.