TX 17: Bill Flores Owes Goodtime Charlie for Putting a Hurtin on Chet Edwards

Chet Edwards, ten term Democrat in TX 17 hearts Charlie Rangel and his money. Edwards claims to be a moderate. Forget that, when it comes to supporting San Fran Nan and her statist policies, Chet and Charlie are in perfect harmony, sorta like Stevie’s and Sir Paul’s ‘Ebony and Ivory’.

To his great relief, Pelosi gave Edwards a giant pass on HCR because she had the votes and TX17 is 58% Republican district. But Chet was there, had his vote been needed. He’s one of those phony Blue Dogs like Bart Stupak, who bailed on his right to life supporters to deliver HCR for Pelosi, proving once and for all there are no moderate Democrats. Unfortunately, while Stupak retired, Chet is trying to fool-em one more time.

Chet, your friend and benefactor, Charlie Rangel, is going to be retired, one way or the other. Why are you are holding on to 42K Charlie gave you? It’s tainted don’t you think? A good many of your fellow Democrats have already given back Rangel money. Just look what investigators have found:

Rangel improperly obtained four rent-controlled New York apartments (one of which he used as a campaign office). He failed to reveal more than $500,000 in taxable assets and failed to disclose $75,000 in rental income for a villa in the Dominican Republic. There’s all this and more, a baker’s dozen of ethics charges.

BRYAN, TX – Today Bill Flores is calling on 20-year career politician Congressman Chet Edwards (D-TX) to demand the resignation of disgraced Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY), who last Thursday was charged with multiple serious violations by the House Ethics Committee. Flores is also demanding that Edwards return or donate to charity the $42,000 in donations he has received from Rangel.

According to Rep. Edwards’ official website, “Like most Americans, Congressman Edwards believes that, in order to effectively conduct the people’s business, Congress must abide by rigorous ethics and accountability rules.”

“It’s never the wrong time to do the right thing,” said Flores. “Incumbent Chet Edwards has a clear opportunity to demonstrate his commitment to ‘rigorous ethics’ and call for the resignation of Congressman Rangel and return or donate to charity the $42,000 in donations he has received from him. At a time when Congress has record-low approval ratings and with Speaker Pelosi promising ‘the most ethical Congress in history,’ it is time for them to hold Rangel accountable.”

Rep. Rangel has donated $42,000 to Edwards – only seven members have taken more money from Rangel than Edwards. Of the 75 Democratic members who have received campaign contributions from Rangel, 24 have said they are returning or donating the entire amount to charity. To date, long-time incumbent Edwards has refused to do so.

So, I see Mr Edwards has decided not to return the money. Unwise, but the Democrats are so used to getting away with this stuff. Listen to Edwards defend Rangel:

“Mr. Rangel is a decorated Korean War veteran with serious House ethics charges pending against him. If the allegations are proven to be true after the case is heard, actions must be taken against Congressman Rangel. Until then, this case should be considered for what is it, a serious investigation regarding ethics violations, not a partisan sound-bite game.”

Wow, a Donk decrying partisan sound-bites. Knock me over with a feather.

Edwards has been getting away with voting against his Republican district for a long time, but this election cycle is different, very different. The DNC knows they are in trouble in TX 17. In a tough election cycle, Charlie Rangel is a stone around the neck of Democrats, especially the blue dog fakes like Edwards. Don’t you just hate that? Donks do.

After 20 long years TX 17 is about to say adios to Chet Edwards. Voters from Bryan to Waco and up to the edge of Ft Worth have had enough. They will be welcoming a conservative REPUBLICAN when Bill Flores retires Chet Edwards on November 2.

More about Bill Flores here.