Rick Perry Drops Coyote With His Trusty .380

Texas Governor Rick Perry used his laser sighted revolver to shoot and kill a coyote that emerged from the brush during Perry’s Tuesday evening jog. See the WaPo write-up here.

“Don’t attack my dog or you might get shot … if you’re a coyote,” Perry said, referring to his daughter’s Lab that was along for the run.

Houston mayor Bill White, Perry’s Democrat challenger for the governor’s job, was unavailable for comment. He was in a meeting this evening with open border attorneys to draft a resolution supporting San Franciso’s announced boycott of Arizona. *OK, that’s not true. I made it up.* But it sounds like something that could be true. After all, Houston is one of those sanctuary cities like San Francisco. Under White Houston has become more like San Fran . . . except for the heat, the refineries, the honky tonks and well. . . never mind.

In a recent Rasmussen poll, Perry had a slim lead over White. Democrats expect White to mount a serious challenge and are set to make a big investment in his campaign.

With the death of Wily Coyote at the hands of Deadeye Perry, a fresh poll is needed. I mean we are talkin’ Texas here.