How Does it Feel?

(Reuters) – Guido Bertolaso, head of Italy’s civil protection service who received international acclaim for his handling of an Italian earthquake last April, described “a pathetic situation which could have been much better organized.”

What goes around has come around.  President Obama is receiving harsh criticism for the way the United States is responding to the incredible earthquake damage in Haiti.  To be sure, with 400,000 homeless and over 100,000 dead, relief and rescue in a desperately poor country with no infrastructure is a challenge of biblical proportion.  It is also an opportunity for the haters of the U.S. and those seeking political points to damage U.S. credibility with charges of imperialism, incompetence and yes, even causing the earthquake with military testing of some unknown “weapon”.

So it has come around for President Obama and his leftists . . .  and all those who beat down President Bush with their hyperbolic rhetoric about the way he responded to hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.  Now, international haters are flaming those who used a national tragedy to effectively “impeach” President Bush for incompetence and racism. 

How does it feel President Obama?   How does it feel to see this:

(Reuters) Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez — an outspoken leftist critic of U.S. intervention in Latin America — said Washington’s relief efforts (Haiti) had fallen short and told Obama to send vaccines instead of armed soldiers.

Mr. President, I think you have tried to ensure the United States is moving heaven and earth to help Haiti.  Charges to the contrary are lies but remember, your ex-pastor once spoke of chickens and sir, yours have come home.