Pitiful Commentary by the Political Class

Why do political pundits, K Street, Wall Street, Wealthy Elite, etc. believe they have a right to circumvent the will of the American people?

I believe our election process to be primarily true and fair. What I see today are petulant, privileged people who are willing to change rules at the last minute in a time honored process.  This isn’t about Trump as much as it is about people who will twist the system to override what may turn out to be a winning nomination for a candidate they don’t like (for whatever reason).

WHO do these people think they are?  I am astounded at the magnitude of the open arrogance by the elite. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. This includes the elite, media, etc. Speaking openly about trickery and deception to possibly overrule the will of the people is a disgrace.

This is America. We complain about the bending, twisting, and obliteration of laws and rules by the Obama Administration. Yet the Republican elite are putting a display on for the world to see. The Republican Party has ceased to live up to integrity.

My prediction: IF Trump wins the number of electoral votes and the elite subvert everything to deny the will of the people…….

RIP Republican Party.