Perry Prediction from Noted Legislator....

First of all, let me say how jealous I am of everyone who is at the RedState conference!  AHH, waxing sentimental..  from the amazing conference last year where Herman Cain, Nikki Haley, Tom Graves and other new, savvy, politicians emerged.

Earlier this week I was making the rounds of updates being given by local Congressional Members.  Among those meetings was a memorable one with Congressman Ted Poe.   He is a breath of fresh air in an era of  extreme smog put out by the Whitehouse. 

At the end of the session, Congressman Poe was asked if any of the current candidates for President could beat Obama.  He was quiet for a moment and said no.  The Congressman acknowledged that President Obama was an excellent campaigner (Editorial note: glad he is accomplished at something).  He confirmed the conclusion of most Americans that are paying attention to the race.

A second question came from the audience, inquiring what he thought of Perry running for the office.  There was no hesitation.  He said the Democrats are worried about the Governor of Texas and that is probably a good sign.  Congressman Ted Poe believes Governor Rick Perry can beat President Obama.  Further he stated Governor Perry is good at campaigning, and could compete effectively with Obama.

We all know the Governor is not intimidated by the Chicago style people in the Administration.  There has been a tousle or two this year such as when the President couldn’t find time to speak with the Governor when he was in Austin. 

Texas is an economic success story during a time of economic hard times.  Under Perry’s leadership, the state has thrived during one of the toughest economic downturns since the great depression.  He understands competition, and free markets.  America should be so lucky to have someone take the reins just in time…..to get the country back on track.

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus…..