May I suggest the following budget cuts?

We are paying 4 billion dollars a day in debt.  Washington thinks cutting 100M will help????  Yes, it is a start.  I began to wonder how hard it is to find places to cut, so decided to give it a try.  Maybe I could find more places to cut?

My premise is we should always help Americans first.  We should not borrow money to continue handouts to other countries.  With that in mind, I began to research proposed state department budget requests at the end of 2010.

The Administration’s strategic priorites in FY2010 included:

Sub-Saharan Africa: $647.9M for programs that support reconstruction, recovery, basic education, and economic growth in key African countries.

Cuba:  Request for $20M to continue to promote self-determined democracy in Cuba. Funds will be used to provide humanitarian assistance to political prisoners, their families and other victims of repression; to advance human rights.

Venezuela: $6M to support efforts to preserve and expand democratic space, through programs that strengthen and promote civil society.

Ladies and Gentlemen:  These are just a few of the crazy proposed outlays of cash by our State Department.  This information came from the State Department proposal at the end of 2010.  When the unemployment is 9%, (actually much higher due to gov’t admission of basing number on unemployment benefits), they are borrowing money to help other countries?  Some I could understand, but these?  And why are we not helping the people living in nearly bankrupt states in our own country?

I have only just begun to dig into our “budget and expenditures”.  It took 1 hour and we can save $673.9!  Stay tuned. Oh, and will someone send this to Washington?