Conversations with Liberals

Recently, I had the unexpected opportunity to speak with a Liberal Progressive for several hours.  She had no idea where I stand politically, or the foundation of my beliefs.  I chose not to clarify my position and wanted to listen and learn.


We spoke about the economy initially.  In earnest comments, I learned that the Democratic Party is putting out the same rhetoric this year to their constituents.  Clearly the economy problem was orchestrated by the Former President and his administration. So far, so good.  Not shocking…..


My airline companion felt comfortable that if I could speak about the economy, quote: “Intelligently”, we must be kindred spirits.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.


In Texas, we have a couple of “hot” election issues.  First and foremost the lady confirmed, the Texas Governor was the number one target of the Democrat National Committee.  It is felt Governor Perry  is the person responsible for a prosperous state, and chooses on a regular basis to govern without Federal Guidance.  She laughed about how easily the Conservatives could be duped.  At this point, I was enthralled at the “peek” to the other side.


The Democrat Party has paid bloggers to support and fan the flames of anger on the nullification movement in Texas.  They have encouraged readers to “hate” the Governor for not taking this route by calling a special session.  Further, she said they have bloggers who are advocating either to vote for the Libertarian in Houston for Governor, or to not vote at all.  It was difficult for me to not blow my “cover” at this point.  The passenger went on to say that all they need is to divide the Conservatives just a little for Bill White to win.


I quietly winced over this observation.  Over the past year, I’d studied the nullification issue at great length.  After gathering data from our own Attorney General, Judge Napolitano, and many other contstitutional conservatives, it was obviously not a sound course of action.


The states had lost a large part of their rights given in the constitution by precedents handed down by the Supreme Court and laws passed by Congress.   The logical first step is to restore those rights via lawsuits to get the precedents unraveled and state rights restored first. 


It was fascinating to watch as the people screaming special session and nullification seemed to ignore all facts over this political season.  They were fueled by anger against all politicians.  When presented with the facts, they chose to ignore them.  At the time, I couldn’t fathom how they could still pursue a fruitless endeavor.  Now we know.  They are encouraged by people  who write and receive direction from the Democrat Party.


Per the conversation with this intrepid traveler, the reasons Texas must turn Democrat were varied.  The Democrats want to control the Texas Education completely to accomodate their agenda of transforming the country.  If they can do this, the majority of the other state school systems will fall in line.  We have a large block of electoral votes which is also enticing.  The control of Texas will mean it would probably become the first “sanctuary state”!  Most importantly, it would make the task of electing a Democrat President in 2012 much easier.


Needless to say, I have learned a great many lessons from the conversation.  We must protect Texas at all costs.  People who choose to participate in revenge nonsense about nullification or shout to vote for a candidate who cannot win, are part of the problem.  Well-meaning conservatives have become pawns of the democrat party. 


Recently, there were others who have argued people should “vote their values” and that there are more than two candidates running for Governor of Texas.  They claimed Bill White and our Governor are the same.  Clearly this person was a product of the hype and had not done her research.  Furthermore, she is advocating to vote for someone else in what is definitely a two party race. Either Bill White or Governor Perry will win this race.  My concern lies with people who listen and are influenced by “the spin”. 


Are we willing to sacrifice Texas at a time when it is a major part of the resistance to the madness in Washington?  I submit the voting of your values was done at the primaries as this is the American Election system.  The people spoke.  Now which of the selected candidates reflect what we need to “hold our own” with the massive tug from the left?  If Bill White is elected, the Democrats will have succeeded in removing a big obstacle to their agenda.  We have prosperity under Governor Rick Perry, as well as a man unafraid of the threats from Washington.  Time and again, he has made the tough choices.  Because of his leadership, Texas is number one on the best places to start a business and in the top five states on economy.


In closing, I believe the path for Texans is crystal clear as is many other states.   Please look at the end result needed for all Texans and for all of America.  This is the year to be definitive and vote conservative on November 2.  The liberal progressives have been our enemy for almost 18 months.  The conversation with these women clearly illustrated to me they will do anything to achieve their goals.  The liberals are focused on the end result, as we all should be.


If you choose to not vote, or waste a vote, prepare for the consequences.  The alternative is a man who will greatly assist the transformation of Texas.   Sometime in future, I imagine we will see a press conference with a smiling President.   Think about the power of each conservative vote this year.  Americans will be involved as primary participants in restoration of the republic.


God bless America, Texas, and the future generations that rely on us to do the right thing.