Net Nonsense

Competition is GOOD. Period. Government regulation stifles competition. Period. Ergo most government regulation is NOT GOOD.

This is especially true on something like the internet, that is a major mechanism of free speech today, both by individuals and by formal media (whether “mainstream” or not). Note, this administration is and has always been about CONTROLLING and TAXING the net, not trying to do anything else that sounds more noble. Our up-to-now free (meaning unregulated) internet is also of vital importance to commerce and even security/privacy/etc. Making it in any way whatsoever less efficient is NOT GOOD.

If I am making and selling x, and someone wants to use (buy) more of it, I should be able to charge them for more of x. I should be able to charge them whatever the market will bear, and by inference risk additional competition/production/supply if I get too greedy with my pricing.

Does it really matter if the “x” is corn, oil, gasoline, milk, medical care, houses, fast cars, or transmission of 1’s and 0’s?

If speed is the issue, (whether with fast food, fast cars, or fast internet) then charge for speed.

If bandwidth (total 1’s and 0’s) is the issue, then charge for bandwidth. Cell phone plans have been doing this since the invention of wireless communications. They charge for bandwidth us (the “data plans”).

Besides, the overarching principle is that THE PROVIDERS and CONSUMERS decide…NOT a “we know what’s best for you” (and almost always politically motivated) government agency.

Regulations (and by extension “standards”) DESTROY innovation, ESPECIALLY in this case where examples of abuse or defacto monopolies are VERY RARE and not even cited by the FCC.

That’s the way true open & free markets work, is the recipe for the American (and of late the Texas) economic miracles, and the stunning and revolutionary success of the internet.

Does anyone seriously think the government can improve it?