IMPEACH NOW (another plea now that we have the Senate.)

Since the last time:

Impeach now. Not later. Now.

Not “only after American lives have been killed by ISIS”.
Not “only if he refuses to secure the border.”
Not “only if he takes over the world’s greatest promoter of freedom, the Internet.”
Not “only if he nominates someone with even less respect for the law than former AG Holder.”
Not “only after we get control of the Senate.”
Not “only after his nominees defy Congress again.”
Not “only if he disses Israel and Netanyahu “one more time”. ”
Not “only if he challenges the 2nd Amendment.”
Not “only if he ignores the courts.”
Not “only if Russia invades the Ukraine.”

(Before we had the Senate list below).

Impeach now. Not later. Now.
Not “if you step over another line.”
Not “if you do one more thing.”
Not “if you cut another deal with Putin.”
Not “if you get caught hiring one more Marxist.”
Not “if you let one more American die like in Benghazi.”
Not “if you politicize yet another agency like the IRS and the DOJ.”
Not “if you lose more guns to the cartels like with ‘Fast N Furious’.”
Not “if you spend another trillion dollars we do not have.”
Not “if you take over one more American business like GM.”
Not “if you lie one more time like ‘if you like your doctor you can keep him.'”
Not “if you make one more unConstitutional executive order.”
Not “if you take one more taxpayer funded vacation.”
Not “if you ignore America in order to go to yet another fundraiser.”
Impeach Now. If it doesn’t go through the Senate then so be it. Impeach now.