Grassroots or RNC Elites?

The rules changes crammed down the “yelling at the top of their lungs “NO” ” throats via a scripted teleprompter-driven “approval” at Tampa are under fire this week when the Republican National Committee meets.  Breitbart reports that about 60 well known national conservatives have sent a letter of protest to RNC Chair Reince Priebus calling for changing those terribly unpopular rule changes that caused an uproar during last summer’s RNConvention.  Morton Blackwell will recommend rolling rules back to being more friendly to the grassroots.  The extraordinarily ill-advised changes pushed by Romney lawyer Ginsberg essentially thumbed their nose at conservative grassroots.

This was underscored last week when it was reported that newly hired RNC Chief of Staff Mike Shields complained that only the “professional right” and “grassroots” did not particularly like the Growth and Opportunity Report (aka “Autopsy”) the RNC commissioned and issued.  At the RNC meeting that starts Tuesday April 9 in California, if Mike Shields does not resign, he should at the very least “revise and extend” his remarks.

Absent Chairman Priebus’ support, it seems unlikely any rollback of rules will actually occur, but the RNC ignores grassroots and grassroots conservative coalitions nationwide at its own extreme peril.  The last two election cycles provide ample proof of that.



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