Who's cut Medicare?

I have been amazed all week at the glowing reports from almost everyone in the left-wing media about the McClatchy-Marist poll showing that 70% of Americans don’t want Medicare and Medicaid touched. Every time they have had a chance to question a conservative or member of the GOP they’ve grilled them incessantly over the poll results.

The question in response that needs to be asked by the interviewees is “who is the only President to sign into law a cut in Medicare?”. With the $500B cut from Medicare to fund Obamacare, I think it will be safe to assume that the interviewer will not want to deal with that reality and it brings up the subject of Obamacare. The issue of Obamacare didn’t turn out very well for them in’10.

Not once hearing the simple fact of the “who’s cut Medicare” line spoken, Reince Preibus and the GOP need to start sharping their message heading into the 2012 election cycle.