Is Miller the New Murkowski?

Watching the drips and drabs of information coming from the Alaska Senate race it is getting apparent that Joe Miller has taken the whining mantle away from Lisa Murkowski. Setting aside politics for the moment it is clear Miller is doing exactly what he complained Murkowski was doing, not going away dignified. I know it’s not exactly the same as it was clear she lost and he is only in the vote counting stage, however his tactics tend to resemble the Franken model in Minnesota.

He should be diligent in his oversight of the count, however it is becoming clear he is trying to get otherwise valid ballots thrown out and contest enough of the write-in vote to get this into a court room. If he thinks he has any future in Alaska politics he should demand that the process be transparent and offer the same courtesy to Murkowski he was demanding from her (aside from her actions to the contrary).

If we are going to be a party that stands on principle, then those principles need to be insured.