The end of the Palin effect?

I know this may be blasphemy for many here at RedState, but the question has to be asked, is this the end of Sarah Palin’s influence as a Queen maker? Many of her high profile candidates she was pushing didn’t win and were not very good candidates – Angle, Miller, O’Donnell, and Buck were poor candidates who lost elections that were there for the GOP taking. Nikki Haley had a much more difficult time than would have been expected in SC, especially having DeMint on the ballot.

Yes she supported Rubio, Paul, and Ayotte who won, however they were were strong candidates with good backgrounds on their own who will not owe their careers to her.

My guess is this will set the stage where potential GOP presidential candidates will not fear her and be willing to take her on. This should make for some interesting palace intrigue within the Republican Party over the next 18 months leading into the ’12 primaries. It will either make her a stronger candidate or expose her, either way we need to now before the primaries and eventually the general election.