Did the Obama Administration sign off on the release of Megrahi?

This seems like an interesting story for an enterprising journalist, which I’m not. The one network, unbelievably, focusing on this is MSNBC the past two mornings on the Morning Joe show. Scarborough, Mika, and the crew all seem to agree that it is implausible for the Obama administration to not have known and even signed off on his release.


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As asked in the above segment, what and when did the Obama administration know of the plan to release? Either way it’s not good. If they knew and went along they have some serious explaining to do; if they didn’t know they have some serious explaining to do given the fact that the British government didn’t feel the need to include them. Either way it doesn’t reflect well on the administration and more importantly Obama personally.

The current answer of ” we didn’t know and don’t like it” is just not believable.