Has America lost it's appetite for Feedom and Liberty?

I think the clear answer to that is NO, however I’m not sure President Obama and the liberal left in Congress has the same opinion. Lately I’ve been trying to remember whether I’ve ever heard President Obama ever use the words “liberty and freedom” to describe his vision for America. (Would someone with a LexisNexis account and who knows how to properly search see if he has ever used that phrase in any speach).

His desire to correct all of the wrongs in American tends to overshadow all that is right about America. As with the health care bill, he never focuses on what is good about the American health care system such as major advancements in technology, the ability for quality treatment for all through a system state, county and local health facilities that care for everyone who walks through the door and the graciousness of the medical care community who via their Hippocratic oath give their time and effort to help all regardless of ability to pay. Instead he only sees unfairness in those who have the ability to pay for additional care or treatment as pyorrhea’s on the system, not the fact that they pay in full so that those less fortunate can take advantage of the aforementioned goodness of our system.

His never using the phrase “liberty and freedom” has bothered me for a long time, but it has never been more succintly written about than Thomas Sowell did today in National Review Online. Generally one would post the “money” quote about here, however in this case there is only one “money” quote and it is the entire piece. Please go to here:


His analysis is the best I’ve read on this subject and should be required reading for all in the GOP; it can be a “teaching moment” regarding the bedrock principles of being a Republican.