Fear of "Racism"

Why is it that with the discussion over the Gates situation racism claims and Obama’s falling poll #’s do I feel that there is going to be a link? I’m beginning to think that the racism charge is about to be levied against all of us who don’t believe in his policy positions as the default response to his receding popularity.

With the upcoming Obama/Gates/Crowley Beer Meeting, who thinks that someone with the chip on his shoulder that Gates has will not see this as his opportunity to lecture us all (as he does his students) on what a racist country we live in? Combine that with Obama’s Falling Poll #’s in the latest Rasmussen poll showing only 30% strongly approve of his job performance and my guess that at least 50% of that number is from the African-American community out of legitimate sense of pride.

The first “post-racial” President has made some very good comments to the NAACP recently, however his blind support for the race hustlers such as Gates, as he previously did with Rev. Wright, is going to allow those same people to claim racism when the aforementioned polls continue to show deterioration on his job approval. To defend their policies, the far left, inclusive of leaders in the black community, are by default going to have to claim racism; to do otherwise is to admit the failure of their policy objectives.