The "Single Payer" Kabuki Dance

I’m amazed that day after day, week after week, liberal Democratic leaders who do not have to stand for re-election letting out the secret they believe that the only real solution is a “single payer” system. I’ve seen Howard Dean claim it is the only real solution on CNBC, Elliot Spitzer the same on MSNBC, and now Ted Kennedy telling it to anyone who will listen.

Why I’m so amazed is that all of the contortions the President and liberals in Congress are going through to hide their true intentions of a “single payer”, Canadian or Great Britain style system, are nothing more than a political kabuki dance, yet no one asks them about such claims. All of this discussion of public vs. private, taxes vs. savings is nothing more than smoke screen to hide their true beliefs, because they know that if they came out with such a plan it would be dead on arrival.

Not that any of that amazes me, it’s just the brazenness of the unelected liberals. The real way to defeat this is to go after Dean, Spitzer and any others why make such a claim, much in the way the Dems claim Limbaugh speaks for the Republicans. Use their quotes to question the elected politicians, lawmakers, commentators and party leaders to go the on the record with a response. It is the only way to get them to face their true beliefs (even if we already know).