Even Democrats know he failed to close the deal

Here it is 9:50 on Thursday, June 25th, the morning after Pres.Obama’s big sell of his health care bill on ABC and everywhere I look there is no or very little mention of it. Amazingly the Huffpo doesn’t even have one single headline, blog, or lead of  what happened. The kids over at Kos have nothing to say about his performance, only just the general discussion that something needs to be done without reference to the ABC infomercial.

I guess just ignoring the fact that he said (paraphrasing) that the elderly don’t need the best care because they are going to die anyway and that he would not want his family to be restricted to the government only plan, will make it all go away.

Instead of worrying about Obama having no one to act as a foil, as the RNC wanted, maybe we should just let the arrogant (you fill in the blank) talk constantly and tell us what he really thinks. That could be enough not only to scare the hell out of conservatives and libertarians in America, it appears to even be starting to scare liberals.