Obama vs. Profits

Why is it every time Obama says anything about private business he has to make a disparaging remark about profits? Yesterday in his news conference he was asked about  the private vs. public plans and the only good reason he good give for the public plan was that there would be no PROFIT in the public plan. He has repeatedly talked about redistributionist policies either directly or indirectly since his “Joe the Plumber” moment by using words like “fair” to describe his overly progressive tax policy, or “greedy” when talking about those pesky Chrysler bondholders.

My belief is that he has exactly the same thought process as Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers, but only diguises it better. Collectively they feel that the American free enterprise system is unfair and that those “greedy” business people take advantage of the poor, uneducated; not that it is the freest system in the world allowing those same perceived disadvantaged people the ability to accomplish and become anything they want.