Specter, the gift that keeps on giving, sorta

I noticed in Rasmussen today that 45% polled think the rest of the stimulus should be cancelled, 51% favor an accross the board tax cut, and 53% believe government spending is bad for the economy, see:


Specter’s vote for this in a weird and strange way gives the GOP  a platform moving forward; by him voting for it and then jumping ship for the Donkey’s allows the GOP (I know Collins and Snowe also voted for it, but they are not up for re-election in this cycle therefore not the lightning rods Specter will be) to take the high ground and have every Republican in the ’10 election be against the stimulus, government spending, and for tax cuts to help the economy.

The discontent on these issues doesn’t seem to be waivering and if anything only getting stronger, thereby putting Democratic congressmen and senators who voted for the stimulus behind the proverbial 8 ball. The other un-intended but possible consequence is that in the health care debate is going to be skewed, because Democrats reading the tea leaves are afraid too much government interference will be hung around their neck.