The Beginning of the End?

On Rasmussen today, for the first time, the Daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows there are as many who Strongly Disapprove as those who Strongly Approve of Obama. Additionally the more generic approve/disapprove number is at a low of 54/46%. Reading between the lines of the polls it appears that Obama’s “cult of celebrity” is beginnig to wear thin. The reason that we know this is that on almost all issues that Rasmussen has polled, the Obama position is the least favorable, while his personal numbers have remained positive.

Once the new wears off, as it appears it’s beginning to, look for his polling numbers to start reflecting the numbers on positions he takes.

For those in the left blogosphere/media who want to claim Rasmussen as a right of center polling company, just remember he was almost dead on in his polling for the “08 election cycle. See the full article at: