Liberal Gubernatorial Candidate Would Restrict Military Voting Rights

Although Bill White is usually best known for leaving the Houston city budget in a state of disaster, Texans are quickly learning that the Democratic nominee for governor is hiding his record as a liberal activist who supports Obamacare, cap-and-trade, abortion, gun control, and one of the more unthinkable platforms in America.

Bill White is guilty of supporting one of the most disgustingly offensive public policies: disenfranchisement. Mr. White chose a personal crusade to deny active military overseas the right to vote in state and local elections.

Nobody should be surprised that, as chairman of the Texas Democratic Party in 1997, Bill White supported a frivolous lawsuit—after all, he’s a trial lawyer. But this particular lawsuit, filed by two Democratic candidates, claimed that over 800 mail-in military ballots caused them to lose their elections in 1996. Yes, White claimed that active military overseas were not entitled to vote in state and local elections because the ballots in one particular county broke for the Republican candidates.

The frivolous suit was aptly thrown out of court when the ballots were deemed legal. Meanwhile, the Texas Legislature was in session, and Bill White reiterated his stance against our service members by supporting legislation to change state election law, attempting to deny the same votes in state and local elections. Current law was not conducive to the lawsuit aiming to restrict voting rights, so Bill White and liberal activists sought to change the law.

Once more, this atrocious attack on our heroes failed, but many Texans never forgot these attacks on our military’s basic right to vote—a right they defend for us every day with tremendous sacrifice.

Recently, Captain Scott O’Grady, a former Air Force pilot who was shot down over Bosnia (a story adapted to film in “Behind Enemy Lines”), called on Bill White to apologize for his anti-military activism. Texans were again reminded that Mr. White is nothing more than a liberal activist running from his record.

Conservative groups quickly came to defense of our service men and women. One group noted that a state under Bill White would make it easier for illegal immigrants to vote than our military, referring to Bill White’s opposition to legislation requiring a photo I.D. to vote in Texas—a measure designed to prevent voter fraud.

Texas is one bad election away from yielding its conservative leadership to the liberal activist machine. It’s paramount that we spread the truth about the Democratic nominee for governor. Taking from our active military the very rights that they fight to protect is simply not an option.