TEA Parties, Texas Style

Governor Perry attended 3 TEA Parties on Independence Day across Texas.  Among thousands of patriots he sent a clear message to Washington politicians: We’ve been taxed enough already!

Video:  http://www.rickperry.org/blog

In Washington, big government bailouts are rewarding failure and irresponsibility.  Massive pork projects are robbing taxpayers under the radar.  The colossal spending monster (Congress) is ultimately leading us to unbearable taxation and debt for the future.

The Texas economy, resilient in the current nation-wide recession, is a testament to conservative leadership, small government, and low taxes.  People from all over the nation are asking Governor Perry, “How did you manage that?”

The answer is simple.  Governor Perry has kept a business-friendly environment by keeping a predictable regulatory climate and passing sweeping tort reform.  Texas has passed property tax reductions and fought appraisal creep.  Over half the jobs created in the United State the past year were created in Texas.

Conservative leadership is effective.  Texas has a budget surplus while some states are sending IOU’s to deal with massive debt.  It’s abundantly clear what kind of leadership is needed to bring us out of this recession.