Liberalism Explained - Gettysburg Address Rules (272 words more or less)

My son and I have discussed liberalism at length; in its current form it is a convoluted and contorted philosophy. My goal is to boil it down to its essence. In 272 words here is what I came up with:

Liberalism is the “elevation of self”, the cult of “I, me, mine” manifested in group form as the all-powerful “state” from which all moral authority flows. It is the opposite of a higher authority and truth of human existence. For Christians, Genesis explains God’s authority with man’s fall but this higher truth is self-evident for all who look. Liberalism’s ideas, even sincere goals with good intentions, are ultimately driven by “I want to feel good about myself” or “I want an advantage” or “it’s not what I want”.  Unions may speak of the collective good but it really about “my wages”. Women’s rights became abortion rights or simply “my life over my unborn child’s”. Environmentalism is liberalism’s state religion of “I can save the planet and I can feel good about myself too”. Most other liberalism is based on “my” race, ethnicity, gender, or circumstance; “I am a victim because of who I am”.

Liberalism seeks personal space within which “I am my own god”. Liberalism’s architects construct cages of personal space using bars made of laws, rules, and regulations. Within these bars “I can do what I want, anything goes” subject only to the collective “aye’s” whims at the time. “My personal space” is not enough for liberalism; cages must also ensure others can only do what “I like”. The architects subvert the genuinely needy’s plight to include the other “I wanter’s” of society to provide political capital to build their cages of oppression to constrain and control us all. Liberalism’s architects believe “the end justifies my means”; “I know better than you” is their morality regardless of a higher power.