Two Hopeful Things and Nefarious One

The first hopeful thing is that hard core conservatives are now broadening their thinking. In my terminology we conservatives may be getting smarter because we are now thinking. Many now understand that a simple pledge of “no new taxes” is not a strategic plan for smaller good government.  Before the “fiscal cliff” crisis many conservatives were more concerned with caving to the liberal’s demands than they were in working toward the goal of a smaller less intrusive government. I have spoken with conservative friends and I have read many conservative blogs and journalist’s articles. Most are angry but most are now offering solutions. Grover Norquist is even characterizing the fiscal cliff outcome as a partial victory since  98% of Americans now have permanent lower tax rates. My friends now realize that we conservatives are never going to help American until we formulate a clear broad based vision which espouses a smaller less intrusive government based  personal freedom. Freedom from bad and unnecessary regulations and laws. Freedom from unnecessary taxes. Freedom from intrusion into our personal lives. This will result in prosperity for all.

The second hopeful thing is that many more conservatives are beginning to talk about the destruction of the family unit as a issue we should rally around. Erick Erickson has mentioned family destruction as an issue in a resent article. In fact if you look for probable causes of many of our national problems, it seems to me that this is the key issue. Single parent homes are less prosperous than two parent homes and their children don’t seem to do as well later in life. The children also seem to have more legal issues. Many the people receiving public assistance are single parent and their children. How much would our welfare program cost go down if the number of single family households dropped significantly? Actually none because the liberals would just find other reasons to give away money to buy votes. That skeptical viewpoint aside, welfare sending would drop dramatically. As conservatives are we willing to change our view points. Are we willing to to accept that a same sex couple as family unit is on average superior to a single parent family? Are we willing to reevaluate our drug laws to keep many young fathers out of jail so they at least have a chance to support their children? Are we willing to make the destruction of the family unit a cause worth fighting for? On the last I am making it a point to talk about to everyone that will listen. On the former two questions, I am not convinced but I will listen to the pros and cons.

The nefarious thing is related to the $60 or $70 billion corporate tax benefit giveaways that were added to the bill by the White House and accepted by both sides without apparent argument. This came from a Washington Times article this week. I haven’t seen any significant outcry from the Republicans, the Democrats,or the press. I would think that this would be an affront to both liberals and conservatives. Somehow I feel that we are are just pawns to both political party’s and the ruling class. If the Republicans don’t try to repeal this part of the law then something nefarious is going on.

“Know the Truth and the Truth Will Make You Free”