If Bush's Tax Cuts Unfairly Favored the Rich then Going Over the Fiscal Cliff Should Favor the Middleclass

If we go over the “cliff” let’s at least make sure we all point out to our liberal friends (yes I have some) that if Bush’s tax cuts favored the wealthy then the converse must be true. The rise in tax rates across the board must favor everyone else but the rich. Its only logical but of course they will mean nothing to liberals and the main stream media. We will only hear horror stories about how the intransigent Republicans have hurt everyone else in favor of the wealthy. While facts may not mean anything anyone can search on the internet using phrases like “Bush’s tax cuts favored the rich” or similar phrases and you can return thousands articles from virtually every liberal magazine , organization, and prominent politician lamenting the unfairness of the tax cuts. They should all be happy now since those evil rich will now be punished more. I realize that there is virtually no chance that the liberal press will make this connection but I want to make sure conservatives at least are prepared.