I'm Tired of Being a Dumb Conservative

I am tired of being a dumb conservative. I call myself dumb because I could be smart when it comes to conservatism but I haven’t been in the past. Neither has our leadership. Recently I decided to get smarter and to pinpoint 3 main issues with the current state of conservatism and then offer solutions. In my opinion if we improve in the following 3 areas we can improve America; these are not prioritized:

  • Understand that all liberals are “limousine liberals”, rich and poor alike, that liberalism is more like a religion or way of life than a political philosophy and that liberals have the advantage of easily targeted demographic groups.  Focus any strategies on furthering conservatism by understanding how liberals base their lives on these points whether they realize it or not. Let’s give them acceptable alternatives so they can grow into true conservatives.
  • Begin defining conservative success in terms of strategic victory and tactical wins rather ideological “last stands”. We must admit that we conservatives are organized a lot more like the international terrorist community with its isolated cells who make uncoordinated attacks with no central authority but who are loosely tied together because of a common idealogical base. Contrast this with the liberals who have a well defined corps of troops such as labor unions, trial lawyers, environmental activists, and pro-abortionists who mount coordinated and well defined attacks whenever directed by liberal “theological” leadership. We need to get coordinated and we need to make sure we have more strategic victories than tactical wins on issues.
  • The current Republican Party is not currently a vehicle geared for conservative success. It is geared for traditional Republican success. We must retool the party.

I will only address a part of the first of these points today since I am not sure this will be read or be of interest but it makes me feel better to write this.

All Liberals are Limousine Liberals. Actually “limousine liberal” is the perfect analogy to describe all liberals – rich or poor, intellectual or laborer, activist or everyday voter. Classically the term is used to describe those elite liberals such as Al Gore, Nancy Pelosi, the Clinton’s, or Obama’s who have a “do as I say not as I do lifestyle”. They see no conflict in telling all the common folks to conserve energy while they fly on private jets. Limousines are a perfect analogy because they usually only have two seating areas – in the back or in the front; there is no intermediate area to sit. You are either sitting in back where the elite sit or you are in the front driving the limo. Like limos, liberals neither have nor want a true middle class. Limo’s represent an ideal to liberals. It represents stature, affluence, a better life, a dream. Most liberals want to be in the limo; just being associated with it makes them feel good. When they see the limo proverbially “drive by” they have both envy of those riding in the back and hope that it will stop and pick them up. The most ambitious liberals even hope to have there own limo someday. What most common liberals don’t realize is that they are already in a limo they are just the chauffeur driving its owner to whatever destination the owner chooses i.e. the driver(liberal voter) just helps the owner achieve his goal.

The liberal should have no illusion that the owner will allow the driver to pick the destination much less ride in the back and have a drink. The owner may ask the driver their opinion on the route but never the destination. Liberal “drivers” do not have the background, experience, or pedigree to decide on destinations or goals. To be sure liberal people other than the drivers or owners can get into the limo. Limousines also require laborers to wash and detail the vehicle, they need workers to stock the bar, occasionally they need skilled workers to repair the limo, the need for bodyguards is common, they sometimes require educated technicians to help design and build the limo but in the end these liberals only get to be in the limo because they serve a specific useful purpose. Who are these workers? They are the union members, the environmentalist, the educated urbanites and suburbanites, the minorities, the trial lawyers, the young pro-choice crowd, and any other reliable liberal Democratic voting block. Any time they get a ride in the limo it is because it serves the limo’s owner’s purpose and agenda. Only the true elite get to ride in the back of the liberal limousine. Everyone else is just a tool and servant; never forget to point out that.

Two other types of people get to occasionally ride in the back of the limo with the elite. The first should be properly called “props”. These are people the elite owner uses to represent an idea which furthers the liberal agenda. A recent example of someone who got to ride in the back of the Limo was Warren Bufffet’s secretary because she is taxed so high compared to her boss. What do you do with a prop when its no longer needed? You store or toss it if you don’t think it will be needed again. Think disabled people,Medicare, and Obamacare.  The final type of people that get to ride in the back of the liberal limo with the elite are us conservatives who embrace specific liberal ideas because they want to be liked. Both the liberal elite and I call these “useful idiots” and all of you fellow conservatives can site numerous examples of these conservatives riding in the back of the liberal limos.

My hope is that some of you fellow conservatives who are tired of feeling dumb will refine and use this liberal limousine analogy to speak with your liberal friends about their role in the Democratic Party.Maybe some will decide they will get their own cars like us conservatives.

As always, I believe most people are conservative at heart and the real problem with our parties and government is lack of transparency and truth.

 “Know the truth and the truth will make you free”.